Embracing Creative Approaches to Dog Behavior

A picutre of the IAABC Conference opening. A conference room filled with people and two speakers are in the front of the room.
Credit: IAABC Foundation Facebook Page

During my recent trip to Ashville, NC, I attended the Animal Behavior Conference organized by the IAABC Foundation. It was nice to connect with people who share my passions and views. In this blog post, I will discuss how the conference inspired me to embrace my uniqueness, explore creative approaches to dog behavior, and use of social media.

Social Media Is Deceptive

I work on cases involving dogs displaying intense emotions. People suggested I make videos showing a dog’s intense reactions, followed by clips of them behaving well on social media.

I believe these videos on social media are the epitome of deception.

Dr. Erin Jones Speaking at the Animal Behavior Conference hosted by the IAABC Foundation
  • Dogs and people’s hard work goes unnoticed in these videos.
  • These videos do not acknowledge dogs’ behavior in diverse situations.
  • The purpose of drastic change videos is to evoke intense emotions and gain views.
  • Disregarding the effort for sustainable change can lead to unrealistic expectations and feelings of failure in dog owners.

Groupthink And Fallacies

Picture of a drawing of an idea flowing to four people then to an additional five people.

Some behavior consultants and dog trainers excel at creating concise content that effectively tackles the factors affecting dog behavior. However, I am only aware of a few who do not endorse groupthink or encourage fallacious arguments.

Various Approaches To Dog Behavior

Therefore, I am making a purposeful shift within my business. I decided I am no longer taking part in short form media. Short form media has always felt ingenuous to me.

By using Facebook, I can focus on sharing various resource links. I hope to promote problem-solving, questions, and curiosity among dog owners. The on-size-fits-all isn’t benefiting dog owners with educated information.

  • I find joy in sharing valuable insights from my colleagues.
  • Links offer educational content, blogs, and valuable resources.
  • Share distinct perspectives not seen on social media.

Creative Approaches To Dog Behavior

“Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination”

Jim Jarmusch

The animal industry has people with diverse experiences and roles. Because of this, we are presented a great opportunity for growth in our industry.

  • Diverse viewpoints content can help dog owners make educated decisions.
  • With various viewpoints, we can encourage dog owners to independently problem solve.
  • Encouraging a collaborative and knowledge-sharing culture is important to me.

Shouldn’t All Businesses Have Instagram?

Surprisingly, many of the successful business owners I met did not use social media. This hooked me into great conversations because people always said that having a strong social media presence is crucial for business success.

Focus On Creative Approaches To Dog Behavior

In conclusion, this change allows me to be myself. By posting about what brings me joy, I can speak more authentically. This approach is all about encouraging creative thinking and saying no to the cookie-cutter approach.

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