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Amanda getting to know a fearful dog with Kevlar on only for safety purposes.

When your dog’s behavior takes a turn for the worst, it is common to feel overwhelmed. But don’t worry, there is hope! Amanda, a multi-credentials dog behavior consultant, has a proven track record of transforming even the most challenging cases into success stories.

Most Americans only spend less than 10% of their time outside, causing dogs to struggle in modern society. Amanda adapts behavior solutions to match your household routine and resources. Stop focusing on what’s not working. Find techniques that work for you and your dog. Book an appointment with Amanda today!

A Message From Amanda:

Don’t let behavior challenges stand in the way of a joyful life. Schedule your in-home evaluation with a skilled dog behavior consultant. With Amanda’s proven strategies and personalized approach, you’ll witness remarkable positive changes.

Certificates & Awards

The dog training and behavior industry is unregulated, and that could have crucial effects on your family. Amanda Lunsford is multi-accredited by worldwide organizations. In order to get these certifications, Amanda has passed rigorous standards for her knowledge and skill in both dog training and canine behavior consulting. Find out more about Amanda’s credential’s and experience. [Click Here]

Amana's certificate from CCPDT for Certified Canine Behavior Consultant- Knowledge Assessed
Amanda's Certificate from CCPDT for a Certified Professional Dog Trainer- Knowledge Assessed

Affiliations & Memberships

In fact, providing high-quality information to clients is extremely important to Amanda. After keeping up with continuing her education every year, she is an affiliate of the International Animal Association of Behavior Consultants, a member of Association of Professional Dog Trainers, and more. Find out more about Amanda’s skills and experience [Click Here]

Services & Content

  • In-home Evaluations: During your comprehensive session, Amanda will pin point your dog’s triggers and provide simple, safe, and realistic plans that will be easy for both the humans and the dogs. To find out more [Click Here]
  • Amanda’s Dog Behavior Blog: Further your knowledge of dog behavior in our modern American culture. Amanda shares articles, advice, and tips on everything from behavior basics to tackling specific behavioral issues. It is a treasure trove of information for dog lovers.
  • FAQs: On this page, we have answers to common questions about behavior modification methods and what you can expect during your first appointment. We also provide information about our policies and much more. [Click Here]
  • Training Videos: Easy to follow, entertaining, and educational videos. From answering most common questions to effective behavior modification techniques, these resources make the learning process fun for you and your pup. [Click Here]
  • Newsletter: Join our group of informed and empowered pet parents! Explore, learn, connect, and let’s build a world where very tail wags with happiness.