Professional Dog Training

Jacksonville’s multi-certified dog trainer
& behavior consultant

You may find that Ruff to Ready (formerly Pawsitive Canine Services) is different than other trainers you’ve worked with or heard of. That’s because we take a personal approach to developing a science-based training plan that is tailored to alleviate pain points in your life with your dog.

What we do

Specializing in aggressive and fearful dogs, we stay up to date with the latest scientific research to ensure you are receiving the best information possible. We provide private training sessions in your home for one-on-one time. We also offer Jacksonville’s only group classes to turn growly dogs from ruff to ready.

Who we are

Ruff to Ready is your local Jacksonville dog trainer and canine behavior consultant. We offer training from a multi-certified (through organizations such as the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers), educated, and experienced trainer to ensure you and your dog are able to effectively communicate. Our dog training enables you to live your best lives together!

What we can do for you

Ready Pup Package

This is the complete, 2 week package to get your new pup ready for your house and the world beyond. Cover the basics and so much more with the perfect package for the caring guardian!

Ruff Dog Training

Have a Ruff Dog that you want to turn into a Ready Dog? If your dog may be showing signs of aggression or reactivity and isn’t quite ready to be in public, then this is the service for you!

Growly Dog Course

Learn together with other dog guardians who are in the same boat as you. You and your dog will learn how to manage every day, real life situations in this 6 week, in person course.

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