Canine Behavior Consulting and Dog Training

Helping build resilient and happy pet dogs in Jacksonville, FL

Why work with us?

  • Multiple credentials and qualifications
  • Continued education in canine behavior and dog training
  • Trusted by veterinarians, local rescues and the community
  • Dedicated to scientific methods
  • Prioritizing safety and exceptional quality of life – within the resources you have available

What we do

Amanda Lunsford and Tami Steinle provide specialized behavior consulting and dog training services in Jacksonville, FL. During your appointment, you will learn how to build a confident dog through prioritizing safety and a favorable quality of life – for both dogs and humans. By learning more about our clients, we are able to save everyone time by focusing on skills that are going to benefit your daily life.

What is the difference between behavior consultations and dog training?

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Amanda with her dog Applejack

Who we are

Amanda Lunsford is an experienced and multi-certified canine behavior consultant and dog trainer. Currently Amanda is only taking pet dogs who display fearful and aggressive behaviors.

Tami Steinle is a qualified dog trainer who services the: Mandarin, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra, and Southside areas of Jacksonville, FL. During your in home sessions, you will learn how to get the dogs to listen to cues in different environments. Tami specializes in getting rescue dogs and puppies adjusted in their new home.

Amanda and Tami work closely together to ensure every client has the most practical training plan for each household. Helping pet dogs and their families in their community is a passion they both share. Their passion for people and dogs go beyond being just a job for them – but a way of life. They both work within the community to help dogs and humans live decent quality lives together.

What we can do for you

Behavior Consulting

Amanda Lunsford (CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA) provides specialized help for you and your dog. From rescue dogs who are fearful to dogs who have bitten, Amanda’s focused education and experience helps pet dogs that suffer with issues beyond learning sit, stay or down cues.

Dog Training

While you work with Tami, you will learn how to teach your dog foundational skills and get your dog comfortable within their new home. Tami’s dog training services provide a simplistic training plan to fit everyone in the household.

Group Classes

Group classes that focuses on fearful and leash reactive behaviors. Within a sound treated auditorium, each team attends six- classes and four- private sessions. Within this package, you will practice how to maneuver real life situations with confidence and learn the foundational skills.

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