Jacksonville’s Expert Support for Aggressive and Anxious Dogs

Transforming Anxious or Aggressive Dogs

If you have aggressive or anxious dogs, it can stress out your entire household. But don’t worry, Amanda can help!

Through the analysis of behavior patterns that contribute to your dog’s aggressive or anxious behaviors, she can offer personalized solutions that are suitable for both you and your dog’s way of life.

Carlene TaylorCarlene Taylor
11:41 04 Mar 24
Amanda is an amazing animal communicator. She is a trainer, yes, but she is first and foremost a teacher. She is patient, non-judgemental and insightful about the subtle and overt issues that impact my very sensitive dogs world. So grateful for her guidance. The Portuguese Water Dog is Both a brilliant and sensitive working breed. She held me learn his language and work through my issues in being the pet parent he needs me to be.
Leah SmithLeah Smith
20:51 05 Jan 24
Amanda helped us so much with our overly protective dog. She is very knowledgeable in her work and definitely works some miracles! I would recommend anyone who needs help with their pup to come see Amanda!
Julie SchunemanJulie Schuneman
01:40 11 Nov 23
Amanda has a thorough knowledge of the sources of canine reactivity and understands that there are a myriad of dimensions to the discussion. She’s totally positive, and all recommendations are for positive reinforcement, nothing negative!
Nicky GroveNicky Grove
16:41 14 Oct 23
Amanda saved our dog and our sanity!Our (then 8 month old) puppy nipped at a neighbor unexpectedly and broke the skin. We were upset, confused and worried about his future.A friend recommended Amanda to us so we reached out.We had an initial consult where Amanda observed our dog and his behavior. She immediately picked up on the fact that he was scared/nervous of anything outside of us/our house. Something we never even considered.Amanda was extremely knowledgeable, patient, explained everything so well and gave us homework to work with our pup, Harry, between appointments. The improvement in him even after just the first two weeks was incredible!It’s only been a few months but Harry’s behavior is night and day. He was initially terrified of my best friend but now loves when she visits. Harry is going from strength to strength and improving all the time.We can walk around the neighborhood without him barking at everyone and he doesn’t react at all.We highly recommend Amanda, and are forever grateful for her help.
Elizabeth BreadyElizabeth Bready
17:54 14 Jul 23
Amanda was amazing with our 122 pound American Bully we rescued! He didn’t understand his size, was really rough, hard headed and was starting to make our other dogs feel very insecure. Amanda showed us how to work with him and walked us through each step to establish his new routine. It took two sessions and consistent work on our part and now our boy is doing great and meshing well with our others. It’s been 8 months since our first training session and we still implement the things she has taught us. She was professional, fun, communicated clearly and very knowledgeable. I recommend her to so many people and will continue to do so!

Teaching Resiliency to Aggressive or Anxious Dogs

Some clients only focus on obedience cues. This can lead to behavior problems in their dogs.

Amanda can teach you how to communicate with your dog. She can also help you establish predictability. The fear of the unknown causes anxiety in dogs.

Life is stressful, but a resilient dog can handle stress better and develop alternative behaviors for coping.

Amanda has black shorts and a blue t-shirt on. She is walking a large dog on the beach.
Amanda and Nathan in Cedar Keys, FL with the ocean behind them. Amanda is wearing a gray and white baseball cap and a gray shirt. Nathan is wearing a dark blue shirt.
Amanda teaching a defensive handling course at Brewhound

About Amanda Lunsford

Amanda has worked only with anxious and aggressive behaviors in dogs for years. By combining her personal and professional experience, she empowers dog owners with simple dog behavior modification techniques.

Amanda finds behavior intriguing. Therefore, she enjoys continuing her education. By focusing on discovering a variety of solutions, she can come up with creative solutions that benefit both dogs and their owners.

Understanding your dog’s behaviors is necessary!

Amanda is demonstrating a technique to a group class with an Australian Shepherd.

You and your family are the key to modifying and managing your dog’s behavior. Behavior therapy focuses on improving your ability to communicate effectively with your dog; meaning, you need to be able to provide the behavior therapy. – VCA Animal Hospitals

Dog Behavior Problems Impact Human Stress

The equation tends. The equation tends to be drawn like this: The dog has behavioral problems. This creates stress for the owner. (The problem is seen to originate with the dog.) But dogs sometimes have “behavioral problems” precisely because they are having a hard time adapting to the environment that we provide for them and are experiencing poor welfare. – Psychology Today

Few behavior consultants exist globally

As of  December 2022, there are 474 CBCC-KAs worldwide. The exam to become a certified behavior consultant includes: applied behavior analysis; consulting skills and best practices; ethology, body language, and observational skills; health, development, and life stages; biology and anatomy; scientific method.  – Certification Council For Professional Dog Trainers

What is it like to work with a behavior consultant?

They’re specially trained experts in the principles of animal behavior and animal learning with a set of science-backed tools, such as behavior modification. They will help identify the cause of your dog’s problem behavior and then create a customized treatment plan, teach you how to carry it out successfully, and follow up with you to help with any headaches you may be experiencing along the way. – American Kennel Club

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