Amanda is walking her dog Applejack on a busy road. Amanda and Applejack are looking happily towards each other.

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog! My name is Amanda Lunsford. I am currently a certified dog behavior consultant. I am also pursuing a college degree in in hopes to become a behavior analyst.

What is this blog about?

My passion for both dog and human behavior drives me in this field. Through this blog, I focus on shedding light on misunderstood dogs and the human end of the leash. Besides that, I love to share what I am learning. I provide random dog facts, recommend books I enjoy, and even share personal metaphors that I find applicable to various dog situations.

Amanda has black shorts and a blue t-shirt on. She is walking a large dog on the beach.

Let’s learn and grow together!

I am excited to share my experiences with you. So let’s learn and grow together. If find something interesting, comment on the post or click here to contact me!

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