Dog Behavior is Complex

Discover tailored solutions for your dog’s behavior issues to match your lifestyle. With over 40 classifications for aggressive behaviors alone, navigating dog behavior can be complex.

Years of specializing in aggressive and anxious dog behaviors

Amanda is a certified canine behavior consultant. She brings years of valuable experience helping dogs that display anxious and aggressive behaviors. She developed a four-step process for a happier life with your dog.

  1. Prevent: Success relies on preventing unnecessary safety risks and stress.
  2. Intervene: Understanding our dog’s signals early allows us to kindly intervene and guide them towards better choices.
  3. Train: By building on your success, the dog can learn to cope independently and trust you in navigating our weird human world.
  4. Sustain: Amanda will talk about realistic problem-solving approaches.

Specializing in Dog Behavior Issues

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  • Intra-household Dog Fights
  • Dog-Human Aggressive Behaviors
  • Dog-Cat Conflicts
  • Noise Phobias
  • Resource Guarding
  • Anxious Dog Behaviors
  • Destructive Behaviors
  • Fearful Dogs
  • Dog Reactivity

Don’t settle for preventing and interrupting your dog’s behaviors

Gray dog with collar and harness looking at their owner

Don’t let your dog’s behaviors hold you back any longer! Don’t settle for just preventing and interrupting your dog’s behaviors.

Amanda will help your dog cope with our confusing human-centric world. Together, we’ll shape a resilient bond between you and your dog.

In-Home Behavior Assessment


Explore the underlying behavior patterns of your dog that contribute to stress in your household and learn practical methods to restore a safer and happier environment for both you and your dogs. During the assessment, Amanda Lunsford will:

  • Analyze behavior patterns contributing to your dog’s challenges.
  • Tailor recommendations to improve safety and reduce stress levels for you and your dogs at home.
  • Customize a practical plan designed specifically for your needs and lifestyle.
  • Incorporate simple behavior modification games to reinforce desired behaviors.
  • Provide a comprehensive written behavior report upon request.
  • Offer a realistic prognosis, considering your dog’s behavior, safety risks, stress levels, and resources.

Gain clarity and confidence in understanding and addressing your dog’s behavior with our personalized in-home assessment service.

Resilient Dog Package

Intake + 3 Behavior Sessions


Our Resilient Dog package focuses on reducing stress, minimizing risk, and develop resiliency for a happier life together. We refine behavior techniques by eliminating ineffective ones through a step-by-step process.

During the behavior assessment and behavior sessions, our priority is on:

  • Establishing clear communication between you and your dog is crucial to build a solid foundation of understanding.
  • Identifying and easing unnecessary stressors to create a more relaxed environment.
  • Change behavior with quick exercises seamlessly integrated into your daily routines.
  • Strengthening your dog’s ability to bounce back from stress using lifestyle-friendly techniques.

We provide techniques to help you and your dog navigate stressful situations independently. Get to know your dog, build trust, and become their reliable problem-solver.

Unlock your dog’s hidden potential with our Resilience Builder package. It’s designed to strengthen your bond and help them bounce back from stress.

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Group Reactive Dog Course


Coming in June!!!

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Does Amanda offer single sessions?

Amanda believes in the power of sustained effort and dedication for addressing canine behavior issues. Therefore, Amanda rarely agrees to single sessions, acknowledging that sustainable behavior changes in dogs entail time and effective habits.

Amanda’s focus remains on guiding you towards long-lasting success through your journey. Investing in a series of sessions will address immediate concerns and foster lasting behavioral changes for you and your dog.

Does Amanda offer board and train?

Amanda’s approach to behavior issues focuses on teaching both you and your dog. That’s why she DOES NOT offer board and train services.

A blend of factors shaped a dog’s behavior, including learned history, genetics, environment, development and more. Amanda dedicates herself to achieving the best results for your dog. To address behavioral issues, she firmly believes that dogs learn most effectively in their own environment with their human family members.

While board and train programs can be beneficial for puppies to learn foundational manners and socialization, Amanda highly recommends K-904 Board and Train for such cases. Under Jamie’s care in a home environment, puppies receive comprehensive socialization and training.

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