Back To The Basics: I think we make dog training too complicated

In the ever-developing world of dog training and behavior modification, we often find ourselves swamped with countless of terms and techniques, each labeled as either “good” or “evil.” However, I’ve recently embarked on a journey to perceive things as objectively as possible, delving deep into the meanings and definitions of the words we commonly use within the dog industry.

I’m not alone in valuing the fundamentals of dog training. Dr. Ian Dunbar and many other experts in the field value the basics as the cornerstone of their approach. Through my experiences working with a diverse range of cases, I realize that there is no singular “right” or “wrong” way to do things for our furry companions.

I want to simplify dog training and behavior modification. I believe we have overcomplicated this field. I will discuss the basics of my upcoming posts. These fundamentals are the foundation of my work. You may learn why I prefer certain methods in certain situation on this journey.

Let’s start by discussing the humane hierarchy. This is the basis of my decision-making process for behavior modification. It helps me choose the most appropriate techniques for my clients.

Join me in this exploration of dog training’s core principles, and together, we’ll uncover the beauty of simplicity in our beloved industry.

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