Ruff to Ready Behavior Consulting & Dog Training

Learn how to build behaviors for long lasting results

Behavior Consultations

Do you have a fearful or growly dog?

When facing serious issues with your dog, it can be challenging and confusing to sift through all the advice given online. By working with a specialized behavior consultant, you will get realistic and core information about your dogs behavior. Currently Amanda is only taking on cases that involve:

  • Dog bite prevention
  • Dog to dog aggressive behaviors
  • Dog to human aggressive behaviors
  • Leash reactivity
  • Multi-dog conflicts within your household
  • Safety and management plans for traveling or having guest over
  • Resource guarding behaviors
  • Your home
  • 2 hours
  • $250
  • Fearful and aggressive behaviors

In Home Dog Training

Learn what your dog needs to become a well mannered dog

Tami offers in home private dog training sessions. Each new client starts with a new client package. The new client package comes with two sessions covering:

  • Acclimating your dog into their new home
  • Potty training and puppy chewing
  • Basic cues: sit, come, stay, lie down, drop/trade, and more
  • Leash skills
  • Stop your dog from jumping
  • Mental enrichment to keep your dog busy
  • Socialization do’s and don’ts
  • Your home
  • Two sessions, up to 1.5 hours
  • $300
  • Puppy and dog manners

Ready to book?

For your convenience, all of our booking is done 100% online. This will allow you to easily find a date and time that works with your schedule for our initial assessment. Scheduling the remaining appointments will be done with the trainer at the time of the initial assessment.

Prior to booking, we strongly encourage all clients to review our Service Policies.

Ruff to Ready trainers only accept a limited number of cases at once. This is to ensure every client receives the highest quality of care and support.