A course designed for fearful, and reactive dogs.

Help bring your reactive dog from ruff to ready

Do you have a fearful or reactive dog?

Our comprehensive 6 week Reactive Dog Course will show you how to: prevent situations, when to interrupt unwanted behaviors, and how to train your dog a new behaviors we want instead. This course will give dog guardians the confidence they need to navigate real life situations, and dogs skills to navigate their daily routine


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We all love our dogs…

…but sometimes, they can be too reactive to the world around us to fully enjoy our lives together in so many situations…

During this course, we will work as a team to make your life easier. Weekly Zoom meetings and in-person classes are provided so you can have a safe space to practice the skills in public that you’ll be using in the home. When you and your growly dog have graduated from this course, the goal is for you to have the tools to:

  • Stop leash pulling
  • No longer avoid normal life situations
  • Have the skills to manage real life sudden triggers in your regular environment
  • Prevent scary situations and stay safe
  • Handle your dog encountering off leash dogs
  • Teach your dog to turn to you for direction instead of reacting to the trigger
  • Adjust your training method to suit your dog and your life better
  • Up to 16 skills

How could this work?

Our certified behavior consultant has developed this 6 week course specifically for fearful and reactive dogs. A lot of issues with training reactive dogs come down to timing, and the handler understands this and will know when to intervene during class to ensure success. Throughout the class, we provide one-on-one feedback for all dogs and students to make sure everyone can build a plan confidently around who the dog is, as well as who the person is.

This course includes weekly Zoom meetings, weekly in-person classes, live Q&A, and regular check-ins with a certified behavior consultant. This includes a lot more than just learning skills; it’s also about the connection with others and learning how to be successful together. Our goal is for you to be able to live in the world around you with your dog.

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What happens when I sign up?

First, for your convenience, you can sign up online by clicking “Book Now” at the bottom of this page in order to book your ~90 minute initial assessment. The assessment requires an upfront, non-refundable deposit of $250.00 out of the full $750.00 for this 6 week course. During this assessment, the trainer will come to your home with 3 goals:

  • Teach you more about your dog’s body language
  • Develop a prevention and management plan for your environment
  • Start you with 1-3 skills to get you and your dog ready for class

Additionally, you’ll receive:

  • Handouts and videos to learn more skills
  • Weekly helpful hints tailored to you and your dog
  • 1 year of access to exclusive content and Zoom meetings

Safety is our #1 priority

All in-person classes take place in a large, sound-treated auditorium to ensure there is enough distance for safety when needed. This helps to create the best learning outcome for all parties.

Prior to booking, we strongly recommend all clients review our Service Policies.