Puppy & Manners

Ready Pups Training: New Client Package

Our Ready Pup Training helps dogs learn how to live in your household with good manners. Book today and start incorporating simple techniques that fit within your daily routine! We will transfer the skills we’ve gained from extensive experience and education from our paws to yours. Find out more about our trainers here.

Are you getting tired of the usual dog problems, like:

  • Chewing
  • Jumping
  • Potty training trouble
  • Pulling on leash
  • Counter surfing
  • Excessive barking or whining
  • Overly excited greetings with people or dogs

Or are you looking to take your pup to the next level with:

  • Building skills for a confident dog
  • Basic puppy skills like: sit; lie down; come; wait; drop; leave it; stay; place; rollover; this way; and more
  • Dog guardian skills to ensure success when we say goodbye for now

Stop wasting time with training that does not work, and learn how to make your life easier! The Ready Pup Training builds strong skills to last a lifetime based on: safety; quality of life (dogs and humans); resources that you have available. Stop stressing about your dog not having dog manners in public and book today!

What is the Ready Pup Training?

  • The Ready Pup Training: New Client Package comes with 2 private dog training sessions! With having 2 sessions, our trainers are able to ensure long lasting results, by working through any difficulties you have encountered.
  • Each session starts with goal setting, and setting realistic training goals together that are within your resources of time, money, and environment. Then we’ll give you some quick tips to immediately make your life easier!
  • Finally, after 2 weeks we will meet again for 2nd private session with the trainer and the dog guardian to ensure success and address any lingering questions.

All of this will start when we first park outside and develop a routine for a successful puppy introduction to us. This same introduction will be used for friends and family. Throughout the training, you can ask your trainer questions, and you will answer within 48 hours. Our approach with your pup may vary throughout the training as we find what works best for your unique pup in your unique household.

  • Your home
  • 2x 90min private sessions
  • $250
  • 10+ weeks and older
  • Book online

Ready to book?

For your convenience, all of our booking is done 100% online. This will allow you to easily find a date and time that works with your schedule for our initial assessment. Scheduling the remaining appointments will be done with the trainer at the time of the initial assessment.

Prior to booking, we strongly encourage all clients to review our Service Policies.

Ruff to Ready trainers only accept a limited number of Ready Pup Students at once. This is to ensure every client receives the highest quality of care and support.