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Hello there! I’m Amanda Lunsford, and I couldn’t be more excited to welcome you to my blog. As an experienced and multi-credentialed canine behavior consultant, I am here to explore the relationship between canine and human behavior.

Ever since my teens, the intricacies of behavior have captivated me, shaped by my own experiences of overcoming adversities. I have hung onto an unwavering positivity that my life experiences might one day enable me to assist animals or people facing similar struggles. My work with misunderstood dogs presents the perfect opportunity to pay forward the second chance I was given in life.

Growing up, I have lived in several homes, from friends to foster homes. After everything I have been through, I recognize that my journey would have been vastly different had it not been for the individuals I met along the way. A multitude of people I came across showed patience and kindness towards the feral child that I was, teaching me an alternative way to live. I feel that kindness, curiosity, and compassion of individuals allowed me to transform my trauma into a force of good. Today I get to aid those around me and become the best version of myself.

My Expedition Into Canine and Human Behavior Studies

This continuous learning often results in an evolution of my viewpoints, a process I not only accept but embrace. I believe that to truly grow, we must be open to change. Therefore, while the thoughts and opinions I share here are my own, they represent a snapshot of my understanding at the time of writing.

Given that our comprehension of canines advances daily, it is crucial for us as canine behavior consultants to grow our knowledge and skill set. Although I value the realm of science for its wealth of knowledge, I refrain from regarding any scientific article or review as an unequivocal truth. Our understanding changes with new scientific information.

Although I have been deeply involved in the study and research of human behavior for some time, my career provides a unique opportunity. Today I get to give misunderstood dogs a voice and give them a renewed chance to thrive with their loving families.

What Lies Ahead

By mastering over 50 techniques, I am positive that pure curiosity can unleash improved adaptability in both canines and humans. This kind of committed curiosity allows us to pivot as necessary and uncover the most appropriate solutions. I understand that dog owners might not share my perspectives or mirror my actions as a dog professional. Customized solutions based on resources are key to addressing behavioral concerns. Solutions are chosen based on my experience and education after categorizing cases into 3 groups.

As a results of my past, I specialize in fearful and aggressive behaviors displayed by dogs. While I exclusively work with misunderstood dogs, there is value in all different training. In this blog, I will discuss the purpose of different training, as I value a diverse range of training styles and techniques. I specialize in aiding pet dogs with fearful and aggressive behaviors in suburban settings, which is close to my heart. In addition, I will discuss the multiple of human lifestyles and emphasize the need to adapt to the specific needs of the dog in our care.

What should you expect from this blog?

  • Research articles and book reviews
  • Discussions on canine behavior
  • Personal experiences
  • Case studies

Are there any canine behavior topics you’re eager to delve into?

Our Conjoined Adventure

As we begin this shared journey, my deepest gratitude is extended towards pivotal figures such as Dr. Jim and Paula Crosby. Their teachings have deeply influenced my approach towards understanding and managing canine behavior. My interaction with them has allowed me to recognize the significance of embracing an open-minded and innovative perspective towards behavioral patterns. I hold Dr. Jim and Paula Crosby in the highest esteem as they are, in my view, two of the most intellectually gifted and intriguing individuals I know.

The wealth of knowledge they’ve imparted and the investment of time they’ve dedicated to my growth are invaluable. Their unwavering support and encouragement have not only motivated me to pursue my academic goals but also empowered me to overcome numerous fears. I am devoted to absorbing as much wisdom as possible from these extraordinary individuals, and I remain forever grateful for the insights they continually share with me. They serve as my role models, and I aim to mirror their exceptional qualities as I continue to develop both personally and professionally.

Here’s an inspiring quote from Dr. Jim Crosby that resonates deeply with me, “We as dog trainers and behavior consultants are creative professionals.”


**Learn about my educational background by clicking here.**

I invite you to join me on this journey, and I look forward to learning, growing, and exploring the exciting world of human and canine behavior together. Welcome to my blog and thank you for being here.

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